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 Dada The Spider Witch White Queen

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PostSubject: Dada The Spider Witch White Queen   Thu Feb 24, 2011 6:22 pm

Name: Neko-Chan

Age: Undisclosed


Instant Messanger(s): (MSN), embracechaotic (AIM)

Your muse

Name: Dada

Alias: Dada-Sama

Band: Velvet Eden

Gender: Male

Age: Undisclosed

Sexuality: Bisexual

Sexual Position: Semuke

Character Abilities: Telepathy and Witchcraft (Air and Darkness Elements)

Race: Spider Witch (Takes on the form of a giant Spider or Drider)
Rank/Position:White Queen
Appearance: (More than one Photo would be nice)

Personality: Gentle and kind, but cruel in someways. He stays to himself mostly, unless his mate and husband calls for him, he would then come out of his sanctuary which happens to be the basement of his palace and do as his mate wants him to.

Likes: Spiders, Dark places, sex, art, BDSM things, singing for his husband, helping others, and his people

Dislikes: The Red Queen and King

Strength: Whatever Air and Darkness's strengths are, Shadow Making.

Weakness: Whatever Air and Darkness's weakness is, cute boys, fire and light (due to him being a Spider witch)

Friends/family/lovers: Juka (His beloved Ice White King), Shou (Adoptive Son)

Character history: Fill This in Later.

Role play Sample: The sound of something scritching in the darkness could be heard in the basement of the White King and Queen's Palace, somewhere deep in Wonderland. A being of almost pure blackness crawled the walls almost silently, except for the scritching sound. 8 pairs of silver glowing eyes could be seen in a certain light if one had a torch though.

The White Queen, felt more at home in the basement of the Palace then he did anywhere else in the Palace, for he was a Spider Witch, a human being that could take the form of a spider, or Drider at any time he wished.

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PostSubject: Re: Dada The Spider Witch White Queen   Thu Feb 24, 2011 6:43 pm

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Dada The Spider Witch White Queen
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