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 Manabu drank the potion.

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Manabu drank the potion. Empty
PostSubject: Manabu drank the potion.   Manabu drank the potion. EmptyThu Feb 24, 2011 9:31 pm


Name: Mamasan/ Beth

Age: Old

Gender: Mama

Instant Messanger(s):

Your muse

Name: Manabu

Alias: Bubu

Band: Screw

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Sexuality: Gay

Sexual Position:Semuke

Character Abilities: (Only fill this out if you have a special ability)

Race: Human

Rank/Position: Alice

Appearance: Manabu drank the potion. Manabu_SCREW

Manabu drank the potion. SCREW966

Personality: Manabu is very cautious, almost like a stray cat. Once bitten, twice shy, he doesn't trust easily, and looks around at everything before making a decision. Once he's calmed down around someone, he's much better. Free to smile. However, sadness in one emotion he hides, having had it beat into him that it was a weakness.

Likes: Cats, sun, nature and the smell of the forest after it rains.

Dislikes: Violence, anger, yelling.

Strength: Extremely devoted to those who earn it

Weakness: Very difficult to reach, he's often scared of everything.

Friends/family/lovers: Friends, A few lovely souls at school, and his sister. Family, his sister, mother, and abusive father. Lover, non at the moment.

Character history: Manabu is the oldest child of two wealthy, but distant doctors. Raised mostly by nannies, he and his sister grew very close. However, it soon became apparent that Manabu wasn't quite like the other boys. His father, worrying about how his peers would view him if that came out, began to punish Manabu for every perceived slight. When Manabu would have to go to school, covered in bruises, he'd be made fun of by his classmates so badly, he began to skip. His imagination was his only reprieve, and he often fell into his own world, where the stories he read became true, at least to him.

Role play Sample: Manabu was walking through the hallways again, nose in a book. He ignored the jabs of 'book worm' and 'geek' but the one word made it's way through, striking his heart. Fag. He didn't truly give a crap what these mean boys and girls thought of him, but the fact that that was true, that the fact he was gay was an insult, almost brought tears to his eyes. But he wouldn't let them out. Tears were weakness, and he would prove to his father that he wasn't weak.
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Manabu drank the potion.
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