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A twisted version of Alice in Wonderland with Jrockers
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 The law of this relm

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PostSubject: The law of this relm   The law of this relm EmptyWed Feb 23, 2011 8:01 pm

1. This is a LITERATE role play and should be a minimum of one paragraph posts.

2. Post at least once in two weeks. If you can't or you will be temporarily off the forum, let the admins know or the muse will be deleted for lack of use.

3. Mature content is allowed, along with m-preg (male pregnancy). This is a YAOI forum so there is lots of guyxguy action. Just please say in the topic title if it's adult or not. It should look something like this : Another opening night [muse name](Adult)

4. Admins can refuse any application if it is not up to par.

5. there is violence on this board, there is also going to be BDSM and Kink on the site, so if they bother you either state so or learn to deal with it

6. First Come first serve, no whining if you didn't get the person you wanted. Fill out your app within three days after making your account. YOUR USERNAME MUST BE THE MUSE YOU'RE PLAYING!!! Your muse name should look like these: Aoi, Kai, Reita, Ruki, Uruha. If your muse has the same name as another muse put a period or some other symbol before or after the name.


8. JAPANESE ROCKERS ONLY!!! NO KOREANS, ACTORS OR ANYONE ELSE!!! There will be a case by case basis for foreign Visual Kei band characters.

9. If you write in any form of Japanese or any other language YOU MUST HAVE SUBTITLES! Not everyone knows the same language as you do. You must highlight these subtitles in another color.

10. You may have up to 7 muses. If you want more contact the admins but if you're neglecting one or more muses, they will be deleted.

11. If you want to write with a certain muse, make sure you read that muse's application so you know their history and background.So we know you read the rules put 'Off with his head!' on the top of your app.


13. This is an AU RP you don't like it don't join!

14. No kid sex! Keep them above 16(legal age of consent) people...I personally have no problem with it but there are others who are against it here so, to respect them, I'm making it a rule!!


16. The inhabitants of Wonderland can make an Alice, or out lander, their lover or slave. However you should probably ask the other muse first.

17. You can choose which side you wish to be on if you're one of the classic inhabitants. Otherwise its completely up to you.

18. If you have any complaints or suggestions to make Twisted Wonderland better please contact the admin!
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The law of this relm
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