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 Why, you'd have to be as mad as a hatter~ Aoi at your service.

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PostSubject: Why, you'd have to be as mad as a hatter~ Aoi at your service.   Sat Feb 26, 2011 3:36 am


Name: Maya

Age: A lady never tells~

Gender: Female

Instant Messanger(s): Please ask and I'll tell~

Your muse

Name: Shiroyama Yuu

Alias: Aoi; Hatter

Band: the Gazette

Gender: Male

Age: Appears 21

Sexuality: Anything goes

Sexual Position: Semuke

Character Abilities: Aoi often talks in riddles and rhymes, cofusing not only others but himself at times. Other then his rather clever tongue and quick wit and immortality, he's skill with a sword.

Race: Immortal

Rank/Position: The Mad Hatter


Personality: Aoi is a natural born flirt. There's always a teas on the tip of his tongue and a playful glint to his eyes. Sometimes, he doesn't even know he's flirting until it's pointed out to him. It doesn't stop him though, being a flirt was just part of who he was and there was no changing that. It would be silly to change himself because he was happy in his own skin.

There are times that Aoi comes off as vain. Often, he boosts about how 'awesome' he is and people tend to take that the wrong way and label him as a vain tease. It's all in jest though. He knows he's good looking and has fun with it, playful making himself seem vain and shallow. He even comes out and says that he's only playing but, some people just can't take a joke.

Aoi is a natural giver. He always gives gifts to those he cares for, bestowing them with items as simple as dollar store trinkets to extravagant gifts. He never wants anything back and is simply happy to give and give. That said, he would never betray a loved one or hurt them on purpose. Aoi is as loyal as loyal can get.

He does have a switch of a dime temper. Some days, the littlest thing can set him off and others, he's fine and his usual self. His temper is something he has to work on.

Likes: Hats; dark chocolate

Dislikes: Insects; chipped nail polish

Strength: His stubbornness. Once Aoi sets his mind to something, there's no changing it.

Weakness: He gives and gives and give to his loved one without expecting anything in return and his short temper.

Friends/family/lovers: None at the moment

Character history: Like all the other hatters before him, Aoi was born here in Wonderland. The normal, everyday crazy was just life for him until, it all changed. See, lets explain a bit shall we~?

Young Aoi was naive and foolish, growing up in the loose yet close knit clan of his family. Hardly did he ever see anyone out of it unless they were stopping b to get hatted. On this day, the person stopping by to get hatted wanted more then just a hat.

They wanted a companion and for poor Aoi, they wanted him. He didn't know how it happened because the details were still blurry but, he remember his mother screaming, crashing and banging and then pain. Pain that seared across his neck. He had been killed that day (one time among the rare few) and unlike the rest of his clan who boasted to be immortal, Aoi actually was.

Even to this day he bares the faint scarring around his neck from when it was slashed open.

Role play Sample:
Quote :
[taken form another site]
It was faint, so faint he almost passed it off as his imagination but, when he heard it again, stronger, louder than before he paused, back tracking towards the open mouth of an ally. Frowning, Aoi titled his head, listening and ignoring the faint hustle and bustle of those hurrying home before the sun fully set. Just as he thought, the sound came again.

Entering the ally, he followed the soft, pitiful cried until he found was was making them. There, shivering and huddled on top of a damp piece of old newspaper was a kitten, mostly gray in color. Aoi's heart went out to the poor thing and he bent down, reaching out a hand for the tiny thing. It mewled softly, sniffing his hand and rubbing its cheeks against it.

Smiling, Aoi scooped the tiny kitten into his arms, holding the creature close to warm it up. He just couldn't understand how someone could leave something so cute out there on its own? It didn't matter now though, the kitten was his and it was lucky to find a home with him.

With the kitten safely in his arms and the sun now gone from the sky, Aoi turned from the ally, heading towards one of the pet stores he passed by to get supplies to his newest addition.
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Why, you'd have to be as mad as a hatter~ Aoi at your service.
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