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 Masahito's Application (A.K.A Byou)

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Masahito's Application (A.K.A Byou) Empty
PostSubject: Masahito's Application (A.K.A Byou)   Masahito's Application (A.K.A Byou) EmptySun Feb 27, 2011 11:58 pm

Off with his head!


Name: Tino

Age: 19

Gender: *checks pants* Damn still a woman…

Instant Messanger(s): Add me!!! Lolz

Your muse

Name: Masahito Kojima

Alias: Byou


Gender: Male

Age: 2,500 (rp only)

Sexuality: Pan-Sexual

Sexual Position: Seme

Character Abilities: His power consists of weather control, Mind Link, Teleporting and Flight.

Race: Vampire

Rank/Position: Resident

Appearance: Body type : Byou stands about 5'5" tall. His body is lean, but not skinny, and even though he isn't especially muscular, it's easy to tell that he's in good shape.
Eyes : Byou's eyes used to be black but they changed to a pale purplish blue color when he was turned into a vampire for some reason. He has an intense gaze, and there's almost always a kind of predatory spark shining in it.
Hair : Byou loves variety, so he changes hair color and style fairly often. It can go from very short to flowing past his shoulders, and colors vary from black to blond, sometimes with colored highlights, sometimes not.
Clothing : His dressing style varies greatly from one day to another, ranging from plain jeans and t-shirt to leopard-print fur coat and the likes.
Other features : He has both of his ears pierced, as well as his tongue and left nipple.
Masahito's Application (A.K.A Byou) Byou01

Personality: Byou has always been the type that is straight forward. If you don't do as he says he'll have no choice to be cruel. It maybe how he acts towards anyone or anything, but somewhere in his heart, there may be a sweet spot. He’s set on getting what he wants. Even if he has to kill more then what’s need to get it.

Likes: Cigarettes, blood, beer, Blood Wine and submissive people. Sex, knifes (even together.), making wind storms is his favourite.

Dislikes: People who try to kill him, weapons and annoying people, Rainbows, Sun shine.

Strength: Having control of the weather. Being strong and fighting.

Weakness: Someone winning over his heart, or experiencing a new emotion.

Friends/family/lovers: N/A

Character history: Byou had it pretty fun or what you could say for him. He always getting into trouble, creating mayhem where ever he went. Though he would get into trouble for his little games. The older he got the more his powers became worse for everyone and even himself. Now, his powers are controlled by his emotions, which you’ll rarely see.

Making it big in the world he wishes upon. Hoping to make all suffer and for the Alices to be wiped out.

Role play Sample:
Quote :
“Prince Byou. What have you done?” A slave of the mansion asked, she’s been taking care of Byou since he was brought here. There Byou and the Slave stood in a room covered in blood, spilt from the King. Byou turned to her, eyes closed and head down. Keeping his head down, he opened his eyes to her, bright blue.

A grin appeared on his face, and he spoke with a chuckle. “I killed the King. I am the King now, just like my father would have wanted.” The slave backed up a bit, tears in her eyes, shaking her head. Their worse fear was gone, but now a new fear had come to spread evil upon them. Byou started walking towards her, making her back into a wall, He moved some bloody blond hair away from his own face and stood up straight. “Don’t fear me. Just get this room cleaned, slave.”

With that said he slapped the woman and stalked out of the room. Everyone would learn that there was a new king in the mansion.
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PostSubject: Re: Masahito's Application (A.K.A Byou)   Masahito's Application (A.K.A Byou) EmptyMon Feb 28, 2011 4:53 pm

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Masahito's Application (A.K.A Byou)
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