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 Hakuei Application

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PostSubject: Hakuei Application   Hakuei Application EmptyWed Mar 09, 2011 2:05 am

"Off with his head!"

Name: Rei

Age: 20

Gender: F

Instant Messanger(s): Ask for it please.

Your muse

Name: Tanaka Hirohide

Alias: Hakuei, Haku, Hakkun, Hiro

Band: Penicillin, Nano, Machine, Kaizoku

Gender: Male

Age: 892

Sexuality: Bi

Sexual Position: Seme

Character Abilities: Manipulation of fire and plants. He can pull flames from thin air but they can't harm anyone unless he's angry and he make plants grow and move within reasonable limits. Short distance teleportation, slight of hand and basic magic skills.

Race: Magician

Rank/Position: Commoner

Hakuei Application 060515Hakuei Application Dda6ed23Hakuei Application Hakuei1143Hakuei Application T02200293_0240032010188439584

Personality: Hakuei is devious, mischievous, playful and easily annoyed. He enjoys playing with peoples heads whether by using witty words or slight of hand. The shyer the person, the more he enjoys picking on them, but he still enjoys a good time with those who are easy going like he is. Some days or around certain people he seems cold and distant, reluctant to care but when it comes down to it he will do what is necessary to take care of those who are close to him.

Likes: Intellectual people, odd and strange things, picking on sweet/shy/innocent people, fighting.

Dislikes: Being bored, sitting around for too long, people who don't provide much entertainment to his life.

Strength: His open heart and magic talents.

Weakness: Uncontrollable emotions, can only do magic for short periods of time, never able to forget a bad memory.

Friends/family/lovers: N/A

Character history: Hakeui grew up an average life with an over protective mother and a whore of a father. He stayed pretty distanced from others until he developed more of his powers, only receiving training from his father whenever the man was home, otherwise developing them himself. He made friends by using the magic to catch peoples attention, fascinating the bored and lonely. After being hurt a few times he distanced himself from people once more, now only letting a select few in because he isn't able to control himself all the time.

Role play Sample: Rolling flames between his fingers while the tall man sat on the grass, one hand resting on the ground, knees propped up as he stared absently into the flames that slowly began to engulf his fingers, then his hand, his wrist, slowly creeping up over his arm and eating away the material of his shirt, making all of the ink that stained his skin begin to glow a bold shade of each tattoo. With a flick of his wrist the flames were suddenly gone, his shirt sleeve replaced as he leaned back on that hand as well, staring up at the darkening sky.
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PostSubject: Re: Hakuei Application   Hakuei Application EmptyWed Mar 09, 2011 8:50 pm

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Hakuei Application
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