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 Yuuri's App.

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PostSubject: Yuuri's App.   Yuuri's App. EmptyWed Mar 09, 2011 2:24 am

"Off with his head!"


Name: Rei

Age: 20

Gender: F

Instant Messanger(s): Ask please.

Your muse

Name: Yuuri

Alias: Yuri, Yuli

Band: Irokui

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Sexuality: Gay

Sexual Position: Uke

Character Abilities: (Only fill this out if you have a special ability)

Race: Human

Rank/Position: Alice

Yuuri's App. O0480080010832311463Yuuri's App. O0480080010633545977Yuuri's App. O0480080010955274433Yuuri's App. O0480080011043542318

Personality: Just a little odd, calm and a person who really likes to smile. At times he gets really nervous for absolutely no reason or so it seems. Really if an emotion gets too strong he doesn't know how to behave so he gets nervous and generally makes a fool of himself in front of whoever he's with. When people underestimate him he usually gets mad and will do whatever it costs to prove he can do it no matter how unreasonable it is.

Likes: Playing, challenges, cute things/creatures, cooking and caffine

Dislikes: Getting hurt when he isnt in the mood, people pushing him to do things, being bitten.

Strength: His determination to be right no matter what.

Weakness: That same determination that often turns into just stubbornness.

Friends/family/lovers: N/A

Character history: Yuuri leads a typical adult life, living on his own, working a difficult job without enough pay. He spent his school years making friends with any and everyone, often times finding himself in the wrong crowd and getting into serious trouble mostly because of his stubborness. He spends his free time resenting his boss who often makes rude comments. When he isn't busy doing that he spends his time cooking eleborate meals for his friends and family.

Role play Sample: Picking up the wok and giving it a quick toss or two, watching the sizzling stir fry fly up into the air back into the metal pan before setting it back onto the burner, moving his attention to the other burners, adjusting the heat and stiring items. Lining up a bunch of plates and bowls, separating food onto each one, making sure each portion was equal until all the food was no longer in the pots and pans but on the plates, which he brought out to the table, serving to his friends.
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PostSubject: Re: Yuuri's App.   Yuuri's App. EmptyWed Mar 09, 2011 8:53 pm

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Yuuri's App.
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